To register a single SIP device to the Gateway, use the SIP login, password, and server information provided to configure your device.

To register multiple SIP devices, the SIP login becomes a prefix for creating unique SIP IDs for your devices. The password remains the same for each.

The recommended way to create unique SIP IDs is to use the assigned login/prefix and add "x1" for the first device, "x2" for the second device, and so on.

As an example, let's say you have three SIP devices that you want to register to place and receive calls on your Google Voice number and you are assigned the following:

SIP Login/Prefix: GV18005551212

SIP Password: password

Configure your first device with username GV18005551212x1 and password "password", your second device with username GV18005551212x2 and password "password", and so on for the third device.

All devices will ring on inbound calls to your Google Voice number, and any device may call out on the Google Voice number.