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500 Server Internal Error

Just checking to see if there is something wrong?  Last night I got my devices and everything was working great from laptops to tablets and phones.  Now today on my laptop, tablet and phone I'm getting 500 Server Internal errors on everything and nothing with dial out or I can't receive calls.  I would say it was something on my side but all my devices just quit working.

Anything going on with the servers?

Thanks so much,


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Can not create incident support ticket any more? 

What is the incident?

I want  to create  a ticket for incident: Rejected by the service provider, reason is 500 

Thank you very much. It is working now.

Hello, I am getting server internal error as well.Tried several sip clients android,reauthorize after changing password as well.Is there something I am missing,any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Ranjit

The service has been discontinued as of Google's shut off of xmpp connectivity on July 19.

Unable to make outbound calls - through my OBi100... Will get automated message "rejected by Service Provider reason 500".

Inbound calls are working and found that I can make outbound calls via my android Google Voice App, but not via the phone plugged into the OBi.

Anyone know a fix for this or is this the new norm?

Obi 100 are not supported for Google Voice directly or through our service which is now shut down. Use another SIP provider or get a newer Obi device if you still want to use Google Voice.

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