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Linksys PAP2 version 2 Setup

I followed the instructions on on my PAP2v2 (firmware 1.00.16) but it was not working.  The main piece of missing info was the registrar address which is the same as server.  Here are all the required entries under Line 1:

    User Name: USERNAME
    Password: SECRET
    Proxy Server: SERVER
    Registrar Address: SERVER

In my case SERVER was

Here's what my Registration Status looked like (replaced my number with #):

Registration Status : 1 GV########### Done     

Call1 Status : idle    

Call2 Status : idle

This allowed me to SEND and RECEIVE calls from my phone connected to the PAP2v2 device.   All that was needed was Google Voice + Simonics.

For some reason I see others configuring things like IPKALL + SIP Sorcercy to get calls but I did not need any of that to receive calls.

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