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Thank you and final thoughts...release server software?

First off, thank you for running this service. It was well worth the few dollars I spent to purchase access, and you may be happy to know I used it to both keep an old family number active and to redirect the spammers that constantly called it to an auto-answer box that told them the time, temperature, and then hung up. (I used it to make calls back home too, but incoming was all spam...)

Second, I know you said that the new software was too resource intensive to run for the multitude of users that were connected through it. Have you given any thought to releasing this under a some variant of GNU GPL with a "no support, don't ask" clause? I'd be more than happy to run my own version for myself, assuming it was operating under something that wasn't Windows of course...

Anyway, thank you again, and good luck in all future ventures. 

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