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I would like to thank Simon for his years of service and after the news of closure I wanted to come up with a sip solution and I have found it, It is a little more expensive but try looking at it is $10 per line and $10 per extension much more reliable and HD Voice. I have been constantly testing it without issue. the cost of configuration and hosting is why the prices are monthly. I can include IVR and queues free of charge.

How is this setup? Using the new RFC, or through the old protocol?  How did you accomplish this?

Also, nice area code.

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Using The new sip protocol that the obi devices use. Feel free to give us a call to learn more, 561-320-1578 my cell is extension is 105 and desk is 102, feel free to give a call any time.

Tell me...

What are the benefits at $20/month when I can get Vonage or some other service for $8.99 to $15.99?  The whole idea was to reduce my cost;; not inflate them.

Where is this pricing info? Is it hd voice? please post links, plus are they unlimited minutes? 

HD Calling or not, I don't know.  I'm not a business.  I'm just 1 person.  Perhaps your $20/month is geared towards small businesses.

I was looking for a solution for 2 things:

1.  My home phone.  


Im paying almost $20/month for this phone and the only reason I have it is to have a number to give businesses so when they sell the number, they marketing and scammers are calling a phone that perpetually has "DO NOT DISTURB" turned on.  Porting this to GV would save me those expenses.

2.  Carrying 2 phones

I currently carry 2 phones; one personal and one business.  For a 1-time setup of $5.66, I was thinking of GV and a soft phone app.  That would save me the $9.99 2nd line charge on my wireless account.

Then 2 - potentially all 3 numbers in 1 cellphone.  Certainly would lighten my load - 1 less phone and about $30 per month saved.

MG S: the new Google Voice app for Android has buit in wi-fi calling. You can sign up for the Google Voice wi-fi beta at!topic/voice/aI7m1PrV21Y 

This built-in VoIP calling should be rolled out to the public before too long, if you want to wait.

The GV app works well; I have been using it for about two months.

If anyone just wants to use a smartphone with their GV service, I would recommend  this. If you need a desk phone, obviously you need an Obihai or a PBX solution.

Thanks. IPhone user here. I guess I’ll have to wait.
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