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I would like to thank Simon for his years of service and after the news of closure I wanted to come up with a sip solution and I have found it, It is a little more expensive but try looking at it is $10 per line and $10 per extension much more reliable and HD Voice. I have been constantly testing it without issue. the cost of configuration and hosting is why the prices are monthly. I can include IVR and queues free of charge.

How is this setup? Using the new RFC, or through the old protocol?  How did you accomplish this?

Also, nice area code.

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Tell me...

What are the benefits at $20/month when I can get Vonage or some other service for $8.99 to $15.99?  The whole idea was to reduce my cost;; not inflate them.

Where is this pricing info? Is it hd voice? please post links, plus are they unlimited minutes? 

Using The new sip protocol that the obi devices use. Feel free to give us a call to learn more, 561-320-1578 my cell is extension is 105 and desk is 102, feel free to give a call any time.

HD Calling or not, I don't know.  I'm not a business.  I'm just 1 person.  Perhaps your $20/month is geared towards small businesses.

I was looking for a solution for 2 things:

1.  My home phone.  


Im paying almost $20/month for this phone and the only reason I have it is to have a number to give businesses so when they sell the number, they marketing and scammers are calling a phone that perpetually has "DO NOT DISTURB" turned on.  Porting this to GV would save me those expenses.

2.  Carrying 2 phones

I currently carry 2 phones; one personal and one business.  For a 1-time setup of $5.66, I was thinking of GV and a soft phone app.  That would save me the $9.99 2nd line charge on my wireless account.

Then 2 - potentially all 3 numbers in 1 cellphone.  Certainly would lighten my load - 1 less phone and about $30 per month saved.

MG S: the new Google Voice app for Android has buit in wi-fi calling. You can sign up for the Google Voice wi-fi beta at!topic/voice/aI7m1PrV21Y 

This built-in VoIP calling should be rolled out to the public before too long, if you want to wait.

The GV app works well; I have been using it for about two months.

If anyone just wants to use a smartphone with their GV service, I would recommend  this. If you need a desk phone, obviously you need an Obihai or a PBX solution.

Thanks. IPhone user here. I guess I’ll have to wait.
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