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How to make your calls connect WITH AUDIO! Work-around

I know that some people are having issues with one-way audio after recent changes by Google

There is a Fix but how that applies to your particular hadware may vary

INstead of listing the handset, getting a dial tone what If you got the "Google Voice Lady" Asking you to dial the number.?

From your existing GVGW account  dial your own number. If you hear a message saying you should record a greeting you should do so before anything else below. If you do not har this make sure you have your own greetuing anyway so this will not occur.

Now in your ATA or VoIP phone set it up to dial your GV number whenever the handset goes off hook . 

On linksys/Sipura/ModernCisco ATAs you can use (might also work on Obi1XX):


example: P0<:12125551212>, assuming 12125551212 is your GV number

 in the dial plan 

Other devices depend on the device 

Now when you take the phone off hook your number will be automagically dialed. You will the hear " The Google Voice Lady"  aand you can dial a "2" then any number/ Calls will connect this way WITH AUDIO!

But just maybe we can do this one better!

as I do not have a Linksys , sipura device here you can try this in your dial string:


Now when phone goes off hook you should not obnly diak yourf own number but then 2 seconds of pause then a 2 , meaning Google Lady is now ready for you to make your call.!

Fogot to mention , dialing as in dial plan above if implemented omn GVGW  above will restore 2 way audio at the tradeoff of several seconds of connect time.


note to Bill Simons,

I think GVGW is asterisk based. If that is true have a look at this. I use accountcode you may be ableto modify to your needs easily enough . This would be a good work-around at the GVGW while it continues to have some functionality.

exten => _XXX./_1NXXNXXXXXX,1,GotoIf($["${CALLERID(num)}" = ["${EXTEN}"]]?gvvoicemail,*97,1)

exten => _XXX./_1NXXNXXXXXX,2,Dial(Motif/${CDR(accountcode)}/${CALLERID(num)},300,m(PleaseWaitGV))D(www2w${EXTEN}#))

Here is the recording I made, free for your use. The silence file should follow the "please Wait..." in order to keep "please wait..." from repeating.


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