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new software downloadable?


As you stated in your email:

"On Sunday, June 24, we attempted to put the new software into production. A serious problem was uncovered at this point related to the large number of accounts we are registering to Google Voice. On Tuesday, the system was rolled back and we studied the problem. Unfortunately, what we found was a very large increase of computing resources needed in order to support the new platform at production scale. We attempted some optimizations, but the problems are fundamental to the VoIP engine, and the resource requirements to run the new platform are not sustainable."

Is there a chance that you would provide the software to download?  This way if we want to create or own Server at Digital Ocean or self-host the solution to continue using a GV to SIP gateway of somekind?  

Please let me know

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The GVGW solution is not well packaged for individual use. But there is a project going on using Asterisk that will be well suited for running your own gateway or just incorporating into a PBX. It's ready for beta testing now.

I have helped collaborate on this project and can recommend it.

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