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GV is not working


My GV stopped working since Sat'day 23 June. When it will be up?

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I got my Obi200 and set it up yesterday.  All is well.  So, now I have an Obi110 sitting around.  I know it can't work with Google Voice any more but is there anything else I can use it for or is it just trash at this point?

It looks clear that Google Voice has changed and the company does not wish to provide support for custom rom-based devices or standard VOIP protocols.  

The group that had developed a custom ROM have given up the effort. The contributors say it is too much work to support that legacy device (Obi100). Since Obi2xx works, nobody appears willing to put in the effort.

That means that Obi100 is obsolete for making use of Google Voice.  Unless a group comes forward willing to come out with a revised ROM, there is no sense revisiting the issue.  Ditto the use of Simonics or another gateway.

The Obi200 devices are around $50.  I doubt they will go on sale again soon because of the flood of people who need a replacement for their Obi100s. 

If Simonics wanted to give it a go, he might offer that if xxx number of people agree to pay, he will charge their accounts upon delivery of a working service. Otherwise, this appears a dead issue with the only solution being to buy a new Obi device or use a different VOIP service that does not require GVoice other than as a forwarding service. 

Use it to provide another handset for busy line or talkative wives.

Use it to provide a remote phone.

Use it for other paid services.

I am amazed that the utility of the Obi1xx device is not understood.

Google Voice connectivity is only one small aspect. Unfortunately, many see the Obi devices as = Google Voice devices.

The Obi devices are SIP devices and can connect to any VoIP provider that allows "BYOD" or bring-your-own-device. 

Moreover, you can use any Obi device as part of an Asterisk-based, 3CX, or other kind of PBX. 

I currently have an Obi 110 that was given to me, connected to an Asterisk PBX. It is a fine and highly-configurable ATA.

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I being trying to configure it on the incredible pbx still no luck!

i have read the manual but still can't get it to connect


What is "IT"?

List what you changed after you did a factory reset.

If you did not do a factory reset, start over and start with one.

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Didn't show up before, so trying a repost...

@Thomas Hong

I set up my OBi110 with Callcentric. You have to choose 2 plans with Callcentric - an incoming and an outgoing. For incoming I got the free NY state DID (it has unlimited incoming minutes) and I chose the $1.95 plan that gives 120 outgoing minutes (and unlimited outgoing toll free mins).  You can choose a larger outbound plan if you want, or can upgrade your plan in the future if those are not enough minutes. I like CC because you get CNAM data for your caller ID and e911 is included in your $1.95 or greater plan.


The grand total for using CC is $1.95/month for unlimited incoming/120 outgoing min with CNAM and e911. And you don't have to buy more hardware that Obihai may decide isn't compatible in a year or two.


After you choose your plans and check out from Callcentric, log into the obitalk portal to configure your OBi device with your CC credentials.


Then on the Google Voice website forward your number to the Callcentric incoming DID number. Google will call it to confirm it's your number - hence setting up your OBi before this step.


If you contact Callcentric customer service they can change your outgoing caller ID to show your google voice number (I just sent a screen shot of my GV account when they asked).


And that's it. People dial your GV number, your phone rings.  You dial out, they see your GV number.  It's pretty transparent and I've been using it happily for over a month now.

@bill rugg

thanks , i finally got google voice to work with incredible PBX.

 incoming and outgoing calls work great!

thanks guys!!


You might want to "pay back" and post your solution.

Just saying....

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Thanks, I may consider that instead of Anveo for 911 and GV via obitalk. It is about the same cost and for a vacation house, 120 min will work.

@Bill Simon How do you connect Obi 110 to an Asterisk PBX? I just got Incredible PBX installed, and can receive call using a soft phone. However, I am not sure how to get my Obi110 working with it. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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