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GV is not working


My GV stopped working since Sat'day 23 June. When it will be up?

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Please follow the news page ( as we are currently working through a transition.

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Thanks Bill for the reply to this thread.  I've been receiving the 503 error message when trying to call out for past hour or so and have been scrolling through the forums here and at Obi.  I've rebooted my Obi several times, Re-authorized my GV connection on the Simonics page several times, and had begun to give up after reading the News page about 20 minutes ago.

The settings on my SP1 are the ones I've been using with you for a while now with the Outbound Proxy info and the "Simonics GVGW" Configuration Name.

I found in your set up forum page what looks to be updated configuration info so I added an SP2 using the "Simon Telephonics" settings (The one that has only Service Provider Proxy Server & Service Provider Proxy Server Port and no Outbound Proxy info), but even that hasn't helped. 

Eagerly refreshing the News page as I'm unable to make/receive any calls here at work today.  I'm now also wondering which SP settings I should retain when the weekend bugs and load is worked out.  :) 

No changes are necessary on your end at this time. You can revert to your previous working configuration.

I recommend enabling GV forwarding to your cell phone or another line so that you don't miss any calls during this work.

Thanks for the reply.  I've deleted the "Simon Telephonics" setting I created this morning and defaulted back to the original one.  I have a cell phone with only 100 minutes a month so my GV number is my work number with the Obi. I can't forward as I'd then use up the minutes that my family needs.  I've let my boss and coworkers now that my line is down at the moment and to message me with anything.  Clients I hope I'll be able to get back to calling again this week.  Fingers crossed for your updates.  I know we all truly appreciate it.

Maybe buy more minutes until the issue is resolved.

Mr. Simon, does it matter that the denial recording changes between "The number you dialed xxx-xxxx was rejected by the service provider reason 403" and also reason 503?  

So grateful for this service.  Thank you for working on this :-)

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Good news is that the phone rang once today so I was able to take a call.  Still can't dial out though.  I completely agree with Home Phone, I too am very grateful for this service.

Oh but it's trying!  I was just able to reach my voicemail box for a tiny bit before the line went dead.  Fingers and toes are now crossed.

Unable to place calls at 7:20PM Monday, 6/25.

Unable to make outgoing calls.  Phone port  GREEN LED doesn't light. OBi 100

Incoming seems to be working but outgoing has been no joy for about 48 hrs. Obi 110

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obi 100 with naf...outbound calls are not working..inbound routed via callcentric is working

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I did a reset and now my green light for telephone is not on OBI 110.

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