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Can I change the google voice number associated with my account?

When I registered for the service, I actually put in the GV number of a different GV account that I have.  How can I change the GV number associated with this account on the GV gateway?

I don't mean to hijack.... but my question is virtually the same, so I am hoping a single answer could help us both.

I am signing up with a GV account, but I expect I will be changing the phone number associated with the google account (by porting a number from another service) within a month or so.  

If I do this, will the gateway setup continue to work, will I just have to reconfigure something in the SIP setup, or will I have to start over (and pay again)?

You can use the Deauthorize link on your GVGW dashboard to clear your current configuration and then start over again without paying a second time.

Thanks Bill!

Must say this is a great service you are providing for a cheap price.  I signed up and tried it almost expecting frustration and failure, lol.  But as a complete noob I got it working with a Cisco SPA112, and am blown away by the performance.  It would have been like a 15 minute (or less) job, but I spent at least an hour tinkering with settings on the ATA until I eventually discovered the problem was apparently some filtering my router was doing.  I turned that off, and bam, success. 

(Unfortunately I did two changes at once on the router, and didn't go back to find which one had the magic.... on my Netgear router I checked the box to "Disable SIP ALG" and I UNchecked the box for "Disable IGMP Proxying".)

Then I even reset the ATA to factory again and did nothing but the basic gateway setup to make sure it really does work "out of the box"..... and it did.  I did assign the ATA's IP to a static IP on my LAN and forward the 5060-5080 (i think?) port range, just in case. Then I changed from UDP to TLS, and still perfect.

Anyway, very happy, performance is better than expected.  Decided that I will actually keep this setup that was originally just for testing, and will port my "real" phone number to another google account and set up another CVGW account, and use both lines on my SPA112.

The only thing now is that delay after answering when the caller won't hear you.  It is understandable and ok to work around.... I just wish there could at least be some kind of beep or click to hear when the connection is actually "open".

Excellent! I asked about this a year ago for porting a number, thanks!

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