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Interested in learning more about this

I just set this up for my home lab to start learning about SIP.

It's an amazing little service.

I'm interested in any information in how the infrastructure works with Simon, how it integrates with Googe voice, etc.

I'm also curious how many simultaneous calls you could have going using this service?  Does GV allow that or would I be breaking something in terms of service and piss off Google voice?

What stops some malicious call center from setting up this service and then blowing up people's phones?

This has been very cool.


GV allows two simultaneous calls. Google also implements some intelligence on the Google Voice side that detects call center or harrassing activity and throttles or disables the account. Our Gateway service simply passes calls through to Google and they enforce their own terms.

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Excellent info,

Thanks Bill

Actually Google voice allows 2  simultaneous inbound calls but many simultaneous outbound calls..I've done 3 or more at once outbound on same account.

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