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International forwarding

 Greetings Bill Simon,

As we know it is possible to use Google Voice to call international numbers. The credit we have purchased in Google Voice is used to make these calls at usually very interesting rates.

Right now it is not possible to have Google voice forward to a number outside of North America.

Could it be possible to develop an international call forwarding system that would utilize Google Voice credit to complete the call?



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Looking at Google Voice rates I would not see why you would want to use their forwarding.

Perhaps you should look at providers like, callcentric, voxbeam, and and see their rates. You can then quite easily use the url function to send to a predetermined location by way of one of these providers. I am certain that one or two of them offers the flexibility to do this. Of course it would probably be better and easier to buy one of their cheap DIDs and callcentric often offers free DIDs , if you are not concerned about which city it comes from.  I recently got 10 free DIDs from Voxbeam , Boston , NYC and London. They cost me nothing.


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