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Outbound 911 pass-through to preferred provider

Is it possible or could it be implemented to pass 911 calls through to an outside provider. Currently I have Callcentric, but I would like to use your service as primary. Callcentric is still needed due to 911 capability for my home. I would like to minimize cost so that I only pay for 911 service and discontinue other paid features.

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In addition instead of just 911, maybe a *11 forward.

Shelby, this is something you would configure on your SIP phone or ATA. If the phone or ATA can handle multiple accounts (both GVGW and CallCentric) then you can configure it to send the 911 calls to CallCentriic and all others to GVGW.

Hey, Thanks for the quick reply. The equipment I have now are a Linksys WRP400 with to lines and a SPA2102 with 2 lines (not in use). I have searched boundless forums over the last few days and am finding that neither of these units are capable of doing this. I would need 2 separate physical phones and each line out on separate sip acct.

I have been looking into making use of but I am still fairly noob, or also making a dial plan with maybe a calling card option that uses the CallCebtric calling card to direct 911 calls.

If you or anyone has some viable options I would be happy!


     First of all, thank you for this great service! I got to try it today for the first time. I used my fax machine to send a fax, and it worked great. :)

     I agree with Shelby's comment above about enabling custom routing for 9-1-1 calls. It also find my Linksys ATA super complicated. It would be so much easier -- a heck of a lot easier -- if you provided a setting in the configuration page to allow routing all 9-1-1 calls to a specific provider/gateway.

Just my two cents...

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I was looking at several months back and although they say it is for use with an Obi device, I confirmed with Tech support that it can be used with Sipura/Linksys devices with only a small amount of dialplan Fu. They only use your caller ID number to dip into the database and return your registered location. So in short when you dial 911 (or 922 for testing)  on your phone your ATA will dial a PSTN number via Google Voice. with the dialplan they show for obahi 100 is <911:14242798234>S0|<922:14242798235>S0  . Just $1 dollar a month.Works for USA and Canadian e911

Just a note to simonics.. I think this would be just ducky to integrate into the GV Gateway, then it could be used with any SIP device. All you need to do is detect a 911 call (or 922 for testing) . You might integrate the destination numbers as variables configurable from the user portal in order to facilitate other similar services. Maybe they would give you a small commission on new signups via your portal?

On the other hand with call centric....

Get a free DID if they still offer them, register it for e911 and  via call centric configure it to recognize your caller ID(s) , as I think they offer a lot of advanced routing features(they call this "call treatments"). If not a call from your recognxed caller ID you can then  terminate the call or send it to GV Gateway via SIP or GV number via PSTN 

The result would be that when you dial 911 your linksys/sipura dialplan kicks in and reroutes the call to the free Callcentric number. callcentric runs treatments on that call to check inbound caller ID. If recognized, it routes the call to callcentric 911 service.

Some of these suggestions would require us to store credentials for your 911 VoIP provider, which we do not want to do.

Mr Simon,

 In the case of GV911 or Callcentric as I presented here both solutions only require a redirect to a PSTN number. This is why they are easier from your perspective.

In the dialplan for the obi device in my previous post , which came from GV911 web site,


This replaces dialing 911 with the PSTN number 14242798235 . In other words if I dial 911 my obi or sipura in this case would redirect that call to 14242798235. From there GV911 uses CID to determine all necessary location information, etc. The call requires no SIP credentials, only a PSTN redirect from 911 to 14242798235.

I think you can also achieve a similar result with a Callcentric DID and their "call treatments" feature. This of course depends a lot on how they handle 911 but looks feasible. I know they, at callcentric,  are also very amenable to finding new ways to do things.

In many of my devices, like SIP phones I do not have the luxury to use this dialplan manipulation so it would be nice for the portal here to allow me a "redirect to"  number for when I dial 911.

You only need to add to portal something like

When I dial 911 redirect call to [1XXXXXXXXXX] 

When I dial 922 redirect call to [1XXXXXXXXXX] (Test number)

The call then terminates to 1XXXXXXXXXX via Google Voice like any other call.

you can have a look at and see that is all it needs.

Seems like a low challenge level while vastly increasing the value and usability of the Simonics Google Voice Gateway service.


I have now an offerings for anyone who needs 911 with their gvgw account. We will register your gvgw account and redirect 911 calls only to You will need both a simonics gvgw account and your own account. You will get a single sip or iax registration. This is in testing and development and I will be charging a small fee for it. We hope in the future to allow mutiple registrations to gvgw account. You can contact me directly at markosjal & Gmail Com Mark
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