Google Voice Gateway returns, April 7, 2015

Please see this news post about the return of the Google Voice Gateway as of April 7, 2015.

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great service, very happy

My KSU failed around the thimeframe of the EOS for GV. I'm gonna pay for the new service for ONE line. I've been VERY happy with Simonics thus far. We will see....? TD of TDE


Awesome service Mr. Simon! Thanks for setting this up and making it available to the general public! Set up and worked with Ubiquiti Unifi UVP-PRO Android phone flawlessly!

Is this "Ubiquiti" part of or associated with the Destiny Domain System? Thanks.

The Ubiquiti I referred to is Ubiquiti Networks: They have a line of SIP phones that seem to work just fine with the simonics GV gateway service.

Thank you. I use the Grandstream ata and obihai bridges. Regards.

This is great and convenient when travel overseas

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