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I just switched to Anveo and so far so good

 I waited a little late but just switched things over to Anveo last night and it seems like it'll work well. It's $2.80/mo for a phone number with unlimited incoming minutes and $0.01/min outgoing in the USA. I don't use the phone much and low cost was my main goal.

I'm still going to use Google Voice to forward incoming calls to my home phone and cellphone, and to make long outgoing calls; there's Google's phone app that you dial the number on, then it calls your phone and the other party's phone and connects. This can also be done via the Google Voice website with the Call button, where it calls me so I get unlimited minutes.

You can set up outgoing caller ID to match your Google Voice number, and incoming caller ID works fine. In the call flow you can disable voicemail, so it won't interfere with Google's voicemail. I'm using an old Linksys RTP300 and it was easy to set up based on the screenshots for a PAP-2T (a similar model). There's a way to block outgoing calls over a settable price per minute, to avoid accidental expensive long-distance calls. You can also limit outgoing calls to some number of minutes, to avoid accidental long calls; I'm setting this really low on mine because I only plan on using outgoing calls for short things like seeing if a business is open or has something in stock.

Though it was easy to set up, there's a nice guide for Anveo that gave me more confidence that all the options they offer wouldn't daunt me:

Essentially you just use the free plan, buy a phone number for $2.00/mo + $0.80/mo for required E911 service. At some point I'm going to buy a second phone number for the other line, which I assume will only cost $2.00/mo more since the E911 serves both. PayPal seemed the only payment method currently.

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I have no affiliation with Anveo, not even in the most remote sense.

I'm actually in the telephone business and I must say that Anveo seems to have the best prices.  I'm in the middle of the sign up process (damn you Google!) but $2/mo for a DID with unlimited inbound minutes is impossible to beat.  I normally would be using something like DIDForSale, but they're 4 times the price (which still isn't expensive).  I haven't read the terms of service with Anveo but likely my usage is so little that I doubt they'll care.  I'm also going to try to avoid the E911 fee because that seems only required if you plan to make outbound calls and I do not.  Inbound only.

They charge 1 cent per minute outbound which is fairly standard though not cheap by any means.  Their cost is likely around 0.5 cents per minute but I guess they need to make some money somewhere if I did want to use them for outbound.

And no way will I ever think about porting my number from Google Voice.  Horrible idea whoever thought that would be a good idea (I've seen it posted a lot of other places).  Google Voice is awesome and I'm never giving it up... just using a stop-gap with Anveo until I find a better solution for my SIP phone.

When I signed up for Anveo, I'm pretty sure I tried (and succeeded) receiving an incoming call *before* I set up E911, just to see whether I really had to have E911.

> And no way will I ever think about porting my number from Google Voice.

Really, it's not like Google Voice is going away, just the free phone line. I've switched numbers probably 8 times since I got Google Voice a few years ago, without any change in phone number. It lets me change VoIP providers on a whim without any disruption of my phone as far as others are concerned.
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