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Quality of Service (QoS) prioritization

I'm setting up my router's QoS settings to put VoIP at a higher priority than other traffic. I use both a softphone on my cell phone & an ATA with GVGW on the same router so I need to find out what range of non-SIP ports (e.g. for RTP) are used with GVGW. I've seen various different ones mentioned here on the forums but no one has said where they got this info yet. So could either Bill Simon chime in or someone who has sniffed their GVGW traffic mention how they verified it?

On a related note, after scouring the website, blog & Twitter account, I found out the following which could help others as an overview when configuring/tweaking:

Non-donor users:

  • SIP ports: 5060 or 5070
  • SIP protocols: UDP or TCP
  • G.711u codec


  • GSM codec
  • multiple SIP registrations
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