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Test your call quality

If it helps anyone I test my call quality using these automated test numbers:




Info here:  They test latency, DTMF, recorded sound quality, etc.

For what it's worth I get better quality over the first number for some reason.  Maybe it's closer to me.  So, actually, I use the "bad" one as a good indicator of whether my setup will be acceptable in various circumstances.

An IPKall number has recently been added (which should also perform better than the 703 number):

+1 206-456-0649

Feedback appreciated!  (Option 0 in the menu)

Thanks to M Seuss and gggirlgeek: this is very helpful info!

Thanks, I appreciate this.  It's much better than calling my wife's cell, asking her how it sounds, and getting "it's fine" for a response.


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