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ILBC Codec

Would it be possible to allow for the ILBC codec to be used? I've found the audio quality to be superb using this codec rather than the PCMU codec that this method currently seems to only accommodate. I would be ecstatic to donate if this were implemented!

Thank you for your time,


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GSM is available now on gateways 3 - 6 for donors. This is a very low bandwidth codec especially suited for mobile users. Sound quality is that of a typical cellular call.

Donating users can simply force this codec in their clients in order to use it on the gateway. 

I spent a little time looking at ILBC a few months ago and ran into some difficulty implementing it in test. I'll take a fresh look after deploying GSM on all the gateways.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the Great Service. How would a guy about forcing this codec after a guy donates?I am still learning about all the SIP,VOIP,ATA stuff so would this help on the sip client on my Android & on the Linksys PAP2T I am using in my home office? Thanks again.

GSM is now available on all gateways.

To "force" the codec means to select it as the only one available in your client or hardware. Generally, you can specify a list of allowed codecs. Simply allow only GSM.

Does this mean when I purchase the G729 codec for my client it is not being used since GVGW does not support it?  How do I enable the GSM codec?  Do I just need to make a donation or is this only for previous donors?

On another note, can you explain something I've been trying to figure out?  Why is it that we need a SIP gateway?  Is it not possible to make a SIP gateway app directly on the iPhone especially after Jailbreaking so that we can have a direct connection to Google Voice?  Or will that just drain the battery or something?


Would the new gateway support ILBC or G729 codec?

Same as before, we are supporting G.711u and GSM. 

ILBC will be taken into consideration but due to the need for licensing, G.729 will not.

Hello Mr. Simon, Do you think the SIP gateway for gv will ever support the G729 codec? Is there a reason that it doesn't? Although I am extremely happy with the quality of your service, I have heard that G729 codec is really incredible for low-bandwidth connections.

Try the GSM codec. It sounds decent to me and uses something like 15kbit each direction. It would probably work over EDGE, but I don't know. I have been using G.711u over 3G (not 4G/LTE) from AT&T and it works perfectly. What is your low-bandwidth situation?

To answer your actual question: No, I am not planning to support G.729 because it costs money to license. GSM is free, sounds good, and uses little bandwidth.

Sometimes I have a weaker wifi signal when I'm out and about, around town, or in a public wifi hotspot. These situations are what I'm referring to - I guess my wording for 'broadband' could have been better. I did'nt know there were fees on your end for the licensing the G729, or any hangups for it at all. I appreciate your reply and I will always hold you as a badass. Sorry for my lack of professionalism, but I really have a great amount of respect for you, Sir Simon.

What would be even better would be to allow G.722 (wideband) for extension call, e.g., 102 -> 103



Any update on the iLBC codec? I have used iLBC with my Polycom phone and Google voice and it works very well. I would really like for the codec to be available since I sometimes work in low bandwidth areas, and my phone does not support GSM.

When will iLBC be available??  

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A definitive yes or no on iLBC would be nice.  Is it supported?  Will it be supported?

I spent some time earlier testing this, and the iLBC codec still does not work with our engine. The answer for our current infrastructure is "no."

That said, I have been considering setting up an additional gateway to support a full suite of codecs (including iLBC) as well as websocket transport. This would be a premium feature ($) - please let me know if any interest.

I would be interested provided that G729 codec is supported. What (do you suppose) the price for this potential service be?
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