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Send Call to Voicemail Over SIP

When I call my GV number via SIP, I go straight to the GV VM admin page - no questions asked.   Is there anyway to route calls to the number over SIP and have the voicemail pickup for users to leave a message?   Right now, I call out to a secondary GV number for VM services.

No, it's not possible to route calls into the Google Voice system through SIP, except in the way advertised--where you as the user are placing and receiving calls using your SIP endpoint.

I found this question and as mine is similar (and the original answer is 2 years-old), I'm replying to this thread: does GV Gateway provide a URI to which I can forward other VoIP calls to my GV? I have a local number (outside the US) with Callcentric that I'd like to forward to GV. Thanks

You can forward calls to your registered devices via GVGW, but not into Google Voice.

i have dail tone,config cisco spa122 cannot make a call rings goes not connect ring goes to a fast busy signal

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