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SPA 2102 seems to work fine for outgoing but incoming calls don't ring

 Have looked all over net for solution to this common problem . Tried various things to no avail.

NAT enable and keep alive enabled. Reg changed to 180

Calls show up in voicemail and missed calls list.

 This is working now. The problem was that the Forward to Chat was not checked. Checked this box and all works fine.!!

You may also have to do port forwarding on your firewall in your router/modem, etc.  

What do you mean Jim Baug, "Forward to Chat" where do I find that?


I found it. I configure my Google voice to make calls on my Eye-beam phone. I can't receive calls from my Google voice. Can anyone help?


How do you do a "port forwarding on my firewall" for my router/modem?


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