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SPA 2102 seems to work fine for outgoing but incoming calls don't ring

 Have looked all over net for solution to this common problem . Tried various things to no avail.

NAT enable and keep alive enabled. Reg changed to 180

Calls show up in voicemail and missed calls list.

How do you do a "port forwarding on my firewall" for my router/modem?


I found it. I configure my Google voice to make calls on my Eye-beam phone. I can't receive calls from my Google voice. Can anyone help?


What do you mean Jim Baug, "Forward to Chat" where do I find that?


You may also have to do port forwarding on your firewall in your router/modem, etc.  

 This is working now. The problem was that the Forward to Chat was not checked. Checked this box and all works fine.!!

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